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Musei del treno.
Guida ai musei ferroviari italiani,
di Calzolari Marcello
Editore Toriazzi.
ISBN 978-88-903582-2-7

Guida ai Musei,
di Gabriele Crepaldi
Editore Mondadori.
ISBN 978883707298

Atlante Ferroviario d'Italia e Slovenia
Schweers + Wall
ISBN 978-3-89494-129-1

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From the Roma-Fiuggi line origin to the railway museum

The origins date back to 1917, but the railway building started in 1913.

In 1917, during the First World War, without ceremony, the public service started.  The railway connected the Monti Prenestini and Simbruini villages, at the time linked by poor roads. The Second World War events put a strain on the railway efficiency, which started to feel the effect of competition from road transport.

During the 1960's the politic class inaction added to the line's slow decline until its end; an engineering rail work disappeared for ever.

After more then 20 years of neglect, and in a deteriorated state, the tracks have now been restored and today they host a huge collection of historic railway cars; the “traveller building” represents the heart of the museum with a collection of historic images of life at the station, an exposition of old staff and tools and a faithful reconstruction of the stationmaster office.

Nowadays the 500 metres trucks are the only preserved of the whole line.

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